Dear Folks at Grace Management,

I am writing to commend the staff at Dirigo Pines in Orono, Maine on the excellent care given to my Mother while she was a resident there. She came to the facility after a major surgery with multiple health issues including significant memory loss. She was placed on Meadowbrook Specialty Care Neighborhood and when she was able, we moved her to The Arbor Memory Care Neighborhood.

She was previously at another assisted living facility in the area and her care very poor. I constantly had to intervene and make sure everything she needed was provided as they did not do so on their own.

When she moved to Dirigo Pines, all that ended. Every aspect of her care was taken care of and we were given the gift of focusing on our time together  rather than constantly  fighting for  her proper care.

Without exception, she was treated with the utmost kindness and dignity, even in situations that would clearly try the patience of any staff member. When she was diagnosed with terminal cancer, the staff easily switched to the role to of a hospice provider. They kept the family informed and sought our wishes for her care. Every member of the staff that we encountered expressed their sympathy and offered assistance in any way they could help, including not only the folks involved in my mother’s direct care, but also the janitorial,kitchen,and activities staff as well. Our family was deeply touched.

As I sat with my mother, her door was open and I could hear interactions between staff and residents and always, they were treated with the same loving care given to my mother. A clear indicator of the quality of staff is what they do when no one is observing them, and I deem your staff top notch. I wish I could name every staff member, but the ones who I interacted with that stand out as exceptional are nurses: Susan, Deb and the evening shift nurse whose name I can’t recall and care associates: Vernice, Grace and Dawn,also Eileen from dining and Katherine from the Life Enrichment Team.

Please commend the staff at Dirigo Pines. They are the best of the best. With many thanks,

Karen Thibodeau, June 2016



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